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  In order to find nice and cozy homes for our customers, our service policy is to first, secure the areas containing those housing units, such as those in Yangmingshan, Tienmou, Shihpai, Peitou and Shihin.

  We provide professional services related to information on the leasing of housing units.

  Thanks to our sincere, responsible and reliable services, we have earned the confirmation and trust of many landlords, and our firm continues to maintain an ongoing, smooth, and cooperative relationship with them.

  We can introduce to you a large variety of structures, such as independent villas, hi-class mansions, guiding the customer to the site, execution of the contract, assuring payment, and witnessing the move-in.

  Our method of operation is both transparent and personalized. In the event that a customer encounters any taxing or troubling housing issues after moving into a housing unit, we will be happy to provide the assistance and coordination necessary to solve those issues. These practices are included in our continuous service policy.

  Due to the fact that fierce competition currently exists among many realtors, possibly as a result of the strong impact of the market's depression over recent years, many realtors have now deviated from their previous business management practices. This has led to some unethical competitive practices to greatly increased business volume and resulted in a significant decline in the quality of service.

  It is the policy of Asia Taipei Realty to secure certain area sources, reduce the scope of services and limit the size of our customer group, in order to better provide those professional services that lead to customer satisfaction.

  We also welcome you landlords in the aforementioned areas to call upon us and avail yourselves of our services and support in the event that you have premises that you are seeking to rent or lease out. We would be happy to put our services and professionalism at you disposal and introduce you to a desirable lessee.


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